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Turn real estate into your competitive advantage. Leverage our analytical skills and technological tools to empower occupiers and owners in anticipating opportunities and executing successful strategies for impactful results.

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Transaction Solutions

Minimize risk through a meticulously defined process coupled with state-of-the-art market intelligence. Our transaction services aim to fortify your real estate endeavors.

Strategic Site Selection and Location Optimization

Identify cost-effective locations that not only harbor top-tier talent but also ensure seamless customer accessibility. Our site selection and location strategy services are tailored to optimize your operational efficiency.

Holistic Workplace Solutions

Cultivate resilience, attract and retain top talent, and foster connection and collaboration within your workplace. Our workplace solutions are designed to create environments that inspire and nurture success.

Immersive Experience Services

Forge profound connections between employees and their environments through Host's cutting-edge technology, enticing amenities, and personalized concierge services. Our experience services are crafted to enhance the overall workplace experience.

Efficient Lease Administration

Efficiently harness existing portfolio data to reduce costs, keep track of critical dates, and make well-informed decisions. Our lease administration services bring clarity and control to your real estate portfolio.

Personalized Portfolio Strategy

Develop cost-effective, flexible real estate portfolio strategies aligned with your enterprise objectives. Our portfolio strategy services ensure that your real estate assets complement and enhance your business goals.

Flex-Office Space Solutions

Plan, and execute real estate strategies that dynamically adapt to changing demand and evolving employee work preferences. Our flexible office space solutions empower your organization to stay agile and responsive.

Data-based Forecasting & Analytics

We forecast the future of real estate markets based on historical cycles, economic data, and occupier space needs within the supply and demand dynamic. Our forecasting and analytics services provide insightful predictions to inform your strategic decisions.

Occupancy Management

Harness the power of occupancy data to empower your decision-making, anticipate trends, and unlock opportunities within your real estate portfolio. Our occupancy management services provide actionable insights for strategic optimization.

Expert Consulting

Receive in-depth guidance on crafting incisive, executable real estate strategies. Our consulting services offer comprehensive support to ensure your real estate endeavors align seamlessly with your organizational objectives.

Customized Landlord Leasing

Execute bespoke marketing and leasing strategies that drive exceptional value for your properties. Our landlord leasing services are designed to maximize the potential of your real estate assets through strategic positioning and tailored approaches.

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We conduct a higher volume of leasing transactions than any other real estate firm, and we leverage this extensive experience to benefit your unique needs.

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